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Striving to live a life full of passion, energy and success is all about balance. Achieving this balance at work, in our families & relationships, and pairing it with a healthy diet & exercise is the beginning of building a foundation of health.  As a former dancer turned fitness trainer, yoga instructor and nutritionist, I bring experience, knowledge and wisdom to the dance floor of life. As a mom, I understand that it's important to believe in your own magic, create your own Sunshine, ALWAYS buy the shoes, and what we do as parents becomes our children's inner voice as they grow. As a woman, I believe we need to be a force of love in the world and that no one is too old for a fairytale. I promise to help you build your foundation by bringing the very best of what I'm living and learning while always keeping it real.


  • Powerful All Natural Ingredients Provide You an Edge on Gaining Health & Restoring Balance
  • Naturally Improves Metabolism & Promotes More Energy
  • Relieves Stress & Tired Muscles
  • Aids in Absorbing Nutrients & Boosts Immunity
  • Supports Digestive & Liver Functions Proving to be a Powerful Detoxifier & Natural Diuretic

Ten with Jen

                       Take Care of Your Body Because You LOVE It.

Adding in 10 minutes a day of exercise sets the stage for small lifestyle changes that are easily sustainable over time. My custom programs are designed to help you achieve your health & fitness goals around the daily hectic schedule of a typical family.   


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